What can I tell you about myself as an artist? Such a question stumps many artists as fine art, in many ways, is the art of the silent. The things is, I know a lot about myself personally, but it is often difficult to express and narrate my work and my own motives using words.

To describe my work, I once used one ironic phrase from my old poem: "A film about a careless eater who still did not choke on bone of a relic fish". Despite the absurdity of the phrase, it sufficiently conveys the state in an attempt to express the inner motives, that drives my creativity. Art is self-expression through the special visual language of your deepest self, your true inner identity.

If you can express everything you want using words, dance or music, then why would you produce fine art? The roots of painting derive from the same source within ourselves as any other area of art, it is a method of studying the inner and outer worlds.

For me, polystylism absolutely does not represent eclecticism - which is infamous for mindlessly mixing styles and trends, but is my method of cognition of the world, including the art itself and its history, especially now in the modern era of post-modernism that almost disappeared, which even to some extent led to a certain impasse in the arts.

I view polystylism primarily as a synthetic trend in art, allowing you to be as free as possible in the area of art without worrying about whether you are recognized as relevant or not.

This trend requires only one thing - a strong attitude towards colour and shape, to the constant revival of old fine art techniques and the creation of new ones. My polystylism dabbles in realism, surrealism, analytical art and abstraction. But what is important for me is that every painting is in many ways an abstraction, of something inherently not abstract, but still conveys a certain inner essence of phenomena. This means capturing the music, sounds, rhythm and feeling of a landscape rather than the physical elements and structures that populate it. A kind of syncretism, a psychological phenomena when colour inspires a sensation of sound or music for the viewer.

Biography of Igor Leontiev

Born in 1957, Riga, Latvia.

Studied in the Jana Rozentala School of Art and in the Latvian Art Academy, also studied in private art studios such as V.Karkunov and A.Bykov.

The artist works in polystylism.

Participates in exhibitions since 1987.

Participant in the auction of Russian Art in "Dorotheum" Vienna, Austria.

Personal Exhibitions:

2018- Personal exhibition at gallery "Vinzavod", Moscow, Russia.

2017- Personal exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the artist, at gallery "Dar", Pskov, Russia.

2017- Personal exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the artist, at gallery "Stilgalerie", Vienna, Austria.

2016- Personal retrospective exhibition at "Antonia" gallery, Riga, Latvia.

2015- Exhibition in the Kunstraum Hubert Thurnhofer gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2013- Personal exhibition "Vienna the city of artists" gallery of Hubert Thurnhofer,
Vienna, Austria.

2009- Gallery "Antonia" Exhibition "Dream city" Riga, Latvia.

2002- "Painting" House of the Blackheads, Riga. (Booklet issued)

2000- Institute of Applied Psychology, Riga. (Booklet issued)

2001- "Atelier T" gallery, Vienna, Austria.

1998- Joint exhibition with N.Bessonova "Garant" Vienna, Austria.

1998- Gallery "Nelly", Riga, Latvia.

1998- Joint project with N.Bessonova "Birds and fish" gallery "Nelly", Riga, Latvia.

1997- "Dzintars" gallery, Riga, Latvia.

1997- Insurance company "New Reinsurance" gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.

1997- "Rigas Vini" gallery, Riga.

1996- "Sofia" gallery, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

1991- Russian Cultural Foundation, gallery "Riga" Latvia.

Group Exhibitions:

2018- Exhibition "Sunlight Art Seasons" at gallery "Artbox", Moscow, Russia.

2018- Exhibition in Kunstraum Hubert Thurnhofer gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2017- Exhibition dedicated to Sergei Parajanov at gallery "Artbox", Moscow, Russia.

2015-2017 Exhibition in Kunstraum Hubert Thurnhofer gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2008-2015 Continued participation in the exhibitions of "Atelier T" Hubert Thurnhofer gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2011- Participation in the Art Innsbruck, Austria.

2008- "The Color Orange" "Atelier T" Hubert Thurnhofer gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2008- Exhibition dedicated to the memory of the teacher Abraham Bykov, "Nelly" Riga, Latvia.

2008- Gallery "LAPIS", Denver, USA.

2007- Autumn international exhibition in gallery "Atelier T" Vienna, Austria.

2007- Charity auction for the orphanage "Twelve Chairs" Riga, Latvia.

2007- Exhibition "Genesis" in the Museum der Stadt Bad Ischl, Austria.

2007- Art Innsbruck 2007, Austria. (Catalog issued)

2005- Collective exhibition in the gallery "Atelier T" Vienna, Austria.

2004- Exhibition of works by Latvian artists dedicated to Latvia's accession to the European Union at the Museum "Schloss Horst" Germany.

2004- "Bulgaria through the eyes of Latvian Artists" Moscow House, Riga, Latvia.

2003- "Rudens 2003" State Art Museum of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

2003- Autumn exhibition of Russian-Latvian Artists, gallery "Nelly" Riga, Latvia.

2003- "Abstract Painting in Latvia" State Museum of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

2000-2006 An international project dedicated to the Genesis "Genesis" Austria.

2002- "Rudens" State Art Museum of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

1997- "Art Expo" New York, USA.

1996- "The Art of the Diaspora" State Art Museum of Latvia "Arsenal" Riga, Latvia.

1995- "Surrealism in the works of Latvian Artists" Russian Cultural Foundation, Riga, Latvia.

1994- "Christmas Exhibition" The Russian Embassy, Riga, Latvia.

1993- "The Art of Russian Artists" The Russian Embassy, Riga, Latvia.

1993- "The Golden Brush" Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

1993- "The Latvian Artists" gallery "Sofia" Germany.

1992- "Art Myth" International Festival of Arts "Manege" Moscow, Russia.

1992- "The Latvian Art" Berlin, Germany.

1991- "The Golden Brush" Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

1991- "Transformation" Palace of Youth, Moscow, Russia.

1991- "The Latvian Artists" Welver, Germany.

1989- "Art Contact" All-union art project. Railwaymen Culture Club, Riga, Latvia.

1989- "Artist and Religion" Riga and Moscow, Russia-Latvia.

1988- "Liberal Arts" Rigas Modes, Riga, Latvia.

1987- The first exhibition together with artists A. Alekperov and G. Hutskivadze in the Railwaymen Culture Club, Riga.


2002- "Dorotheum" Vienna, Austria. "Russian Art" "Portrait of Olga" - Sold.

2001- "Dorotheum" Vienna, Austria. Painting "Mistress of Copper Mountain" - Sold at auction.

2000- "Dorotheum" Vienna, Austria. Painting "Goldfish" - Sold at auction.


1991 - One of the first prizes in the international art project "Golden Brush" in the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.


Latvia, Germany, Israel, Austria, USA, Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland.